We save you time

Highly efficient software development in Ruby / Ruby on Rails

Internal systems for companies – start from where you are

1. No existing system in your company so far?

You're overwhelmed by the data tables? You wish there was a simple solution instead of filling the huge amount of data to the sheets?

Tell us about your biggest challenge and we'll show you a peek preview of our solution in 14 days from our interview. If you don't like it, you don't have to pay a penny. If you do like it, we can establish cooperation and develop the full solution for you.

2. Some parts of processes are covered by multiple software solutions

You already have software covering most of your needs (accounting, CRM, CMS etc.), but you know the system could be better? Do you need someone who will listen to your actual needs and develop something really helpful?

Try us for two weeks and then decide, whether our solution is worth paying for. In our development we always focus on client's primary needs. We don't create massive software solutions that cost ridiculous amount of money and in the end you need about 10% of their range. We develop a solution to an actual problem. We have experience with integration of other software solutions, so the whole system works fluently and helps the company to be more efficient.

SW development through the whole life-cycle

1. Prototype

Are you looking for investors? Do you struggle with explaining the beauty of your idea to them? You need a prototype of your future application.

We can deliver a prototype for a cost of ₤5-10K. The development is custom tailored, you can watch the progress any time and give us a feedback. If you're not satisfied with the progress in first two weeks, you have a guarantee of paying nothing to us. Of course, the prototype doesn't work with live data and usually is thrown away after getting the seed money. But getting the seed, well, that's the goal of this.

2. MVP

You got your first investors, your company is funded by around ₤150K. Why? Because that's the limit of SEIS.
Now you need an MVP (minimum viable product), so you can get your first paying customers.

We have a history of custom tailored development. We know how to focus on the main issue and leave the unimportant parts of the software to further development after getting the paying customers. The MVP usually costs about ₤25-50K, so you still have enough money left for marketing etc. As well as for the prototype, also here we provide a guarantee of paying nothing to us, if you're not satisfied with what we deliver within two weeks after the start of our cooperation.

The goal is to scale up to Series A funding ₤1M+.

3. Full product development

Company is running and is funded. Your product needs more development to satisfy the needs of your clients. You are ready to establish your own internal team of developers, which takes time, of course.

We are able to develop the system after MVP phase and as time goes and you get the reliable people on board, we can pass the development to them, if you wish. Getting good programmers is one of the most challenging parts of building a company. We know that, we have years and years of experience with it. So, we're here to help you get through that process without stopping development of the product. We can also help you with code reviews on existing projects written in Ruby/Ruby on Rails.

  We DO ...

  • work with people who know how to make business and need somebody who knows how to build it
  • bridge modern technologies to create unprecedented solutions
  • use productive tools and methodologies to achieve more for less
  • create systems which last years and years
  • consider security as an important aspect of our work

  We DON'T ...

  • create work for work sake
  • sink money on unnecessary things
  • offer something we wouldn't accept ourselves
  • waste our time on useless projects
  • care about narrow minded personal agendas
  • spend our time on lengthy www presentation when this one already said everything important